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    What are they doing with PSCC?

    jjaylad Level 1

      Its getting so each time I use the program I'm starting all over again. Each and every update entirely wipes out my actions, my workspaces, any extensions etc. etc.

      I can open a photo from Lightroom, do some edits and save that, but to open a project I'm already working on like an album ...is just hopeless. I literally spend an hour trying to get things back together and I'm so frustrated at the end of that I can't think straight so just give up on it. Tonite I went to edit a wedding album I'd started on a week ago and it's like I opened a different program.

      Guideguide is gone and I've come to be using that a lot. My workspaces are all gone. My actions are all gone. My custom brushes are all gone ..what a nightmare.Since getting Creative Cloud my productivity is down the tube.


      Do the geniuses at Adobe just enjoy watching the customers who provide their salaries struggle and squirm like this? With this happening the subscription service is of no value at all if they are gong to push updates the bully though everything the customer has done.Could you imagine taking your car in for service and getting it back without any of the accessories you'd installed after buying it or any of the personal belongings you'd left in it ...and find they'd reprogrammed your GPS and your audio system, reupholstered the seats, disconnected the power mirrors ..... Can anyone talk some sense into these people? For me ...I'll never learn the program now because its a different program every time I use it and nothing I do sticks.

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          c.pfaffenbichler Level 9
          Do the geniuses at Adobe just enjoy watching the customers who provide their salaries struggle and squirm like this?

          Your allegations are likely baseless.

          Edit: By that I don’t mean that the problem does not exist but that you probably blame the wrong party for it.

          The problems that afflict you but not the majority of other users might indicate problems with your set-up.

          Please read the following:

          http://blogs.adobe.com/crawlspace/2012/07/photoshop-basic-troubleshooting-steps-to-fix-mos t-issues.html

          Best practices: Usage | Adobe Community

          The first lists general trouble-shooting routines (restoring preferences and repairing permissions might for example be relevant for you), the second one mentions which information you should have provided (version, OS, …).

          Do you regularly save your Actions, Brushes, Workspaces, …?

          That way you should at least be able to reload them easily.

          Also, as you mention Albums, I want to ask whether you are using Photoshop or Photoshop Elements?

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            jjaylad Level 1

            Thanks for asking. I'm on CC with Photoshop CC 64 bit. I've been using Photoshop since CS1 and have never experienced the issues I've had since CC was introduced.

            A week ago everything was there ...and now nothing is. I've been busy shooting and most processing is in LR with the occasional PS edit ...mostly content aware moves and fills etc., so haven't needed to access much. I went to work on a wedding album I doing as personal project and that's when I discovered my workspaces, brushes, actions etc., etc. were all missing.

            I'd allowed the pushed update to run a short time back and it did so without telling me to do anything special ...just as every update through all the versions and updates did in the past.

            Since CC came out I've had one issue after another and despite having a decent system I run into slowdowns and difficulties I didn't have with far less computing power on earlier machines.

            I guess a re-install is in order and that will be the third or fourth. On the first two files opened from Lightroom would launch the 32 bit version of PSCC and that didn't sort out until I re installed LR so that PSCC was there beforehand. Installing LR first was evidently what the problem was.

            I'll just re-install. I can't even find my workspaces, actions and brushes now. The only one's showing up in a windows search of the whole drive ...are those within the program. Seems like they got wiped out.I have backups on a USB drive so can pull them back in from there ..but don't want to with the install that's on this system now as it isn't instilling a lot of confidence.

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              jdanek Level 4

              I understand your frustrations.  I agree, why not just do an update?  Similar to new software releases for other apps where you install and the app is updated and not changed and/or removed with another version.  I remember doing upgrades in the past and when it was a new version, I'd keep the old version installed until the new version was setup the same as the previous version.  The previous version could remain as a backup in case the upgrade fails.  Can't that be done with CC updates? 

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                Noel Carboni Level 8

                jdanek wrote:


                why not just do an update?


                What would you think of Adobe if they drop loaded an update that overwrote your older version, then you lost access to all your extensions panels (assuming you use them) or your Oil Paint filter (assuming you use that) or.... ??



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                  jjaylad Level 1

                  That's what's happening. The updates are overwriting and my support files ..brushes, actions, workspaces, etc disappeared and aren't even on my C drive any more. I sure as heck wouldn't have removed them so I don't even understand why they are gone. The only abr files I find now are in the program folder and none of them are ones I created or downloaded.

                  Very uncomfortable program to work in now and whenever I run it it isn't long before my system ...(W8.1 12g ram) totally bogs down and I have to quit LR and PS and re start them to get any sort of performance back. If I try to use tools like the 'adaptive wide angle' ....my whole system freezes up. This type of non-performance certainly isn't what Adobe professes to deliver. When I view online tutorials I always see people blazing through tasks ...usually on a Mac. I have to wonder if CC just isn't Windows 8 friendly.

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                    Level 7

                    None of the updates will change or delete your preset files, or even your preferences.

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                      Noel Carboni Level 8

                      I run Windows 8.1 and it has never lost anything for me.



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                        jjaylad Level 1

                        where do you keep your personal brushes, workspaces, actions etc. Noel? I

                        would create things and PS would store them whereever it does and when I

                        downloaded others I put them in the appropriate folders in the program.

                        I had carefully crafted my workspaces to suit the tasks and none of those

                        are there now. It took time to do those so that sucks and I don't know

                        where to even look for them now. I found backups of my brushes so I can get

                        those back.



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                          jjaylad Level 1

                          Ok ...but where have my workspaces gone? Do I have to locate and re-load

                          them somehow. I had 4 or 5 ...2 that I used frequently and the others were

                          recommended by gurus whose webinars I watched and configured to match at

                          the time.

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                            Level 7

                            They are still there unless you removed them. Even uninstalling and reinstalling Photoshop won't change the preset files or plugins that you have added.


                            When you switch from one major version to another, then you may need to copy some of the files and reinstall the plugins - as usual.

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                              Noel Carboni Level 8

                              jjaylad wrote:


                              Ok ...but where have my workspaces gone?


                              As Chris mentioned, you certainly can copy files, though it seems to me Photoshop CC 2014 picked up my workspaces automatically when it installed itself.


                              Here's a reference for where the files are in Photoshop CC 14.x.  The ones for Photoshop CC 2014 are right next door in the directory structure.


                              Preference filenames and locations in Photoshop CC



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                                Farrellart Level 3

                                I know it's not a direct solution, it is essential to back-up everything in a professional workflow. If something like this happen it would be simple and quick to put the files back if they are changed or deleted.



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                                  jjaylad Level 1

                                  I'm wondering if some of the abr. brushes were from versions too old to be compatible with the new because they didn't show up after I moved them back in from my old archives.


                                  On my latest issues ...I appreciate the advice but have to report nothing is working. I'm beginning to wonder if it is going online and picking up files program files and preferences from there when I start??


                                  Each and every time I start Photoshop CC 2014 I get an entirely different workspace. It is as though there is some automatic process going on in the background and if it senses I've used the bathroom recently it presents me with the bathroom design workspace. It's nuts. Last nite I shut down with the 'photography' workspace visible. This morning it opened with a set of options I'd never seen before and displayed no name for it ...like the program concocted it while opening.


                                  I'm trying to design a tri-fold brochure to print 20 copies to place with business cards in an office I made a successful presentation in on Friday. And I'm getting nowhere. For the past two hours I have struggled just to set the guides.

                                  The sheet will be 11x8.5 inches so I start with that then enlarge the canvas 1/8" all around then try to drop guides at 11.125 for the outside right edge, 0.125 for the left edge, 7.458 for the right fold and 3.79 for the left fold then work in the safety margins for printing and folding.

                                  So far there is absolutely no way. The distances show up as the guides are being placed but there is no way, even when I enlarge to 800 or 1000 percent ...that I can get the guides to drop precisely, and when they drop where they should line up with a tick mark on the ruler ...they do not.


                                  I'm exhausted trying to push this rattlesnake up a hill and will have to go to one of the online services like Vistaprint, use one of their templates and drop in the content I want and have them print it. So much for delivering tomorrow as promised.

                                  As I mentioned earlier I have been using PS since CS1 and even earlier. I've made many of these things and never experienced the difficulty and total lack of interface consistency that is plaguing my current workflow. I certainly don't profess to be good at Photoshop but I usually managed to produce what I needed (sometimes with advice from the forum and with lots of viewing of YouTube tutorials). This latest release has a mind of its own and refuses to let me be me.


                                  I guess I'll have to take time off work to call Adobe ...hopefully their North American office because their overseas help desk has not been able to resolve a single issue I've had with Photoshop or Lightroom. They always say they aren't technicians and the experts only work M-F so I have to get back to them during their working hours. The problem is of course ...that it's always weekends and very late evenings when I work in the program because I have a full time day job and do any weekday shoots in the early evening.


                                  I'm closing lid on the laptop now because after struggling with this for the past 5 hours ...not to mentions a totally wasted half day yesterday on an album I'm having similar problems with. Now my mind isn't even clear enough to work through what I want at Vistaprint. I really don't think any program should be this challenging and it is tenfold as frustrating when tutorials make it look so easy.

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                                    jjaylad Level 1

                                    One other thing I wanted to ask ...in the Lightroom forum there is a link to 'subscribed threads' so one can get to those quickly. I spent time this afternoon trying to find this thread and couldn't so finally connected to it using a link in an email notification of a reply.

                                    Is there a 'subscribed thread' link somewhere that I'm simply missing?