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    Automatic tabbing

    rc3rdmd Level 1
      I've created a Flash application (.exe file) and I just noticed when you hit the TAB key, a yellow highlight appears and cycles through all the buttons on the screen. Anyway to alter this or turn it off ?


      Rob Childress
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          Add the attached code in the first frame.

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            IwannaFlashU Level 1
            ew........onEnterFrame? Don't know if you want a continuous loop playing just to set tab enabled to false. Would be better to go in and set that for each thing one time and be done with it, and then get into the habit of including that whenever you make a new object.

            my question is, is there a way to change the COLOR of the tab highlight?

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              >Vee< Level 1
              IwannaFlashU: there isnt a way as far as I know

              index settings
              myReallyKewl_btn.tabEnabled = false;
              this.myThing1_mc.tabIndex = 1;
              this.myThing2_mc.tabIndex = 2;
              this.myThing3_mc.tabIndex = 3;
              this.myThing4_mc.tabIndex = 4;