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    Can't fade out layer


      Flash Pro CC build, trial version (which supposedly is fully functional). Newbie here, and can't get a layer to fade out. I have one background layer and one layer called "intro", containing one graphic symbol. I want the intro layer to fade out after 5 seconds. Both layers had one frame when I started.


      On the intro layer, I clicked frame 120 (24fps, so 120 = 5 seconds) and clicked Insert > Keyframe > All.

      I selected the symbol instance in frame 120 and clicked Window > Color, then set the Alpha to 0%. This made no apparent difference.


      When I scrub the playhead, nothing changes. No matter which frame I click in, the Alpha is always set to 0%, yet the image is constantly visible.


      I'm sure I've done something stupid -- skipped a step or something -- but I'm stumped and will be very grateful for any help.