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    What's This Help

      I have 5000+ What's This Help topics in a WinHelp RTF file that I need to get into a Popup TXT file for my RoboHTML Help project. All the topics are in a single LARGE .RTF file in the WinHelp project. Is there a programatic way or MS Word macro that could do this? The What's This topics do exist as individual HTML files in the HTML Help project and are available when you select F1. However, we have a toolbar button in the application that is used to get field-level What's This help. My understanding is that for this type of help, all the topics must be in a text file....
      .... and that's just the first of three WinHelps that contain a large number of What's This Help topics.

      Charlie Kyle
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          I don't have a direct solution for you, but I'm kind of in the same boat. I'm going from Winhelp to htmlhelp, which is easy, but the What's This migration is the difficulty. In the end, what I did was simply use a winhelp file which only contains my What's this content for the popups, and the html help for the full help file.
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            Thanks Eric. I was considering that as an option, but now we have a requirement to run on Vista. Here's a response from Rob Chandler that I'm looking into:

            There are a number of ways to achieve popups.

            If the popup text is now in single HTML files then you may want to consider
            KeyHelp Popups (free activeX control from http://www.keytools.net/ ) I've used
            this very successfully myself.
            See also http://helpware.net/FAR/far_faq.htm#KeyHelpPopups
            When RoboHelp converts WinHlp to HTML Help, in creates individual HTML files for each Whats This Help topic. Adobe should provide an option to convert the What's This Help in WinHlp to a single TXT file that could be implemented thru a CHM as What's This Help.