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    Video has black screen if i cut.


      Whenever I cut a video clip, and delete the other part, my movie has a black screen after the 1st part plays. How can i fix this.

      For example, my video is 15 minutes long. If I cut it down to 3 minutes, and render the video, then i get a 15 minute movie, where the first 3 minutes are the movie and the rest is just a black screen. Im sure you guys know the solution, any help would be awesome. Thanks

      A picture is attached, as you see the blue line of the video is 1 minute long, but the rest of the clip is 5 minutes long, and the slider bar shows 16 minutes. How can i remove the rest of the clip (the opaque blue bar, and the rest of the video)


      Screenshot 2014-08-16 10.16.48.png

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          AE Basics: Your composition length determines the length of the render unless you set the render options to render the work area or a custom length. You can set the work area to the length of a clip by going to the in point of a layer (letter i) and pressing the b key then going to the out point of the layer by pressing the o key and then pressing the n key, then you can trim your comp to the work area by right clicking inside the work area and selecting Trim Comp to Work Area. You can also set the starting and ending points of a render in the Render Settings or in the Adobe Media Encoder.