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    After Effects says Quicktime Not installed


      My computer setup:

      Macbook Pro Retina i7

      16gb RAM

      OSX 10.9.4


      So, I've gone through all of the various ideas on this page and the pages it links to and the pages those pages link to as well! But no luck... After Effects CC 12.2.1 works fine, the dynamic link manager and the QTServer32 both run and everything is great. If I try to open After Effects CC 13.0.2 it hangs on initializing the media core, and then after a few minutes finally opens, but gives me the warning that Quicktime is Not installed and obviously I can't do anything useful with After Effects. Acitivity monitor shows that dynamic link manager and QTServer32 are not running. I turned off my firewall, and I've gone through all of the various solutions (removing import/export codecs, fixing permissions, etc.) carefully and throughly. Last night I reinstalled AE 13.0.2 after using the Adobe uninstaller with "remove preferences" checked. But this morning, same problem. Any ideas? It seems like a common problem with a myriad of solutions but none of them seem to fix my problem...