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    How do you work with Fisheye lenses in Lightroom?

    Ken Nielsen Level 1

      I'm thrilled with a new fisheye zoom lens I got and now I am reading that there are 'filters' or available plug-ins for Lightroom that will work with the wow factor and do some straightening for added creative ability with this lens. I have all the latest Adobe stuff but this is a new untouched area for me.


      The thing that is not available in post-production software but is controllable right in the camera is 'horizon' which I also know nothing about yet. I hear that you can keep the horizon level if you center it in the composition in the camera? Sounds tricky, but I do see that things 'curve up' or 'curve down' and that happens a the the bottom and at the top of photos in different shots. So, I don't know how to understand what is happening yet, but, again, this lens is so much fun I do want to learn more. It sounds like Lightroom may become a major contributor to working with it.

      Looking for any help and experiences are all appreciated,


      Canon 1D MKIV, 8-15mm L USM fisheye lens