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    Imported QuickTime Movie lingo

    rlync04 Level 1
      Hey all,
      I've imported a QT movie which runs independent of my timeline. I want to write some script that will jump to a marker on the QT movie's end. This lingo cannot be on the frame, but must be some sort of behaviour on the QT movies end? Is there an endMovie command like the startMovie??
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          No there is no endMovie function. The startMovie function applies to the
          Director movie, not your QT movie. If you want to have your movie react
          to the end of the QT movie then use a behavior to look at the QT movie's
          movieTime and the duration of the QT member. Something like this:

          property thisSprite -- the QT sprite
          property thisMember -- the member used in the sprite
          property totalLength -- the duration of the QT member

          on beginSprite me
          thisSprite = me.spriteNum
          thisMember = sprite(thisSprite).member.name
          totalLength = member(thisMember).duration

          on exitFrame me
          if sprite(thisSprite).movieTime >= totalLength then
          go to frame X
          end if

          where X is the frame number that you want to move to, alternately, you
          can do to marker "X", where "X" is the name of the frame label to move

          Rob Dillon
          Adobe Community Expert

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            rlync04 Level 1
            Excellent Rob.....
            Works a treat....Many Thanks
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              rlync04 Level 1
              Hey Rob,
              Regarding QT sprite duration, is it possible to do the same for an swf file. I've imported an swf file and tried using the same code but it errors on the duration property. Is it possible to use the same code but assigning a number to the duration e.g. 100 seconds.

              Thanks in advance,