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    Sending variables from flash AS2 to php mySQL

    Shadowsych Level 1

      Hi adobe I have a question. So I have finally created a login/register system with php and mysql and flash as2. That works and here is the link:lumosityentertainment.hostei.com/PhPLoginSystem.swf

      But I have a question. How do I send variables from flash as2 to my mySQL database? And then how do I load them up from mysql to flash as2? Also when the variables get edited or changed like if I had 6 gold and then now I have 7 gold how do I make flash send that updated data to my database? I know you use php and stuff but can I have examples of easy php and as2 codes? I'm a beginner in php but I know a decent amount of AS2. I've been searching all around google and adobe forums for the answer but none of them really helped. I'm currently working on a flash game on my website and I'm trying to make it so players can save like their gold,armor,weapons etc. and then load them when logging into their accounts.  Here is my game I currently use cookies to save data: