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    Still can't patch to 12.1.


      Following the suggestion of remove and re-install Premiere Elements 12.0 still errors on 12.1 update.  Turned off McAfee Scan and Firewall which has not helped.  Running Vista 32.  Also did a restart after uninstall, after install, each time taking down the Firewall and McAfee Scan, no help.


      I see several blogs out here about this and suggestions of regedit and uninstall none of which is helpful.  In regards to the registry, I do not see the key that is identified.  Also, a data point that might be helpful, is I trialed CC and PhotoShop 12 before licensing.  I also get messages that CS6 has failed.  Not sure if this is a symptom, but thought it might be a possibility.


      Could someone please come up with an answer??????????

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          Duplicating a thread is confusing to the person originating the thread as those trying to respond to it.


          A moderator should be along soon and probably delete the thread that we are in now and/or direct all

          posts and discussion back to the original thread which is very current.

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          As long as your original thread remains marked unanswered, it will not be missed by anyone believing that he/she

          has a contribution to make to your troubleshooting.


          Please refer to your original thread for my further comments on your situation.