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    Another Blank Page in Fixed Layout Epub

    divisj Level 1

      Having trouble with a blank page in this epub (link to epub file on acrobat.com).


      I've read a couple of threads, and have exported the indd as an indb and reopened (trying to mitigate the possibility of the file being corrupt). I had to fix a date in the content.opf that was in the MM/DD/YYYY format (reformatted to YYYY-MM-DD). To repackage the epub, I created a new zip file, and added the mimetype file first, and then added the META-INF and OEBPS folders. Everything checks out at EPUB Validator (beta) Results. The file looks horrid in Adobe Digital Editions 3.0, but looks great in Calibre.


      As you can see from the file name, I've tried a number of things to try and deduce the issue (deleting multiple pages, one at a time, to see if there was an issue with a specific page, tried to build the epub without a cover image...)


      It's always the 3rd page that is blank, even after removing multiple pages, which I find curious.


      Any insights from others that have dealt with these problems trying to get Fixed Layout epubs from InDesign CC 2014 into Google Play Books is very much appreciated.