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    Doesn't read sound file

    TroubleMaker Level 1

      Hi. What should I do to import my WAV to projects?

      Disk space is waaay to OK. I don't understand this trouble.




      Then I try to import a converted an MP3 file, but no help. Then I try to import every different random MP3 into project. Mp3 is in project, I can import and see them but there is no sound in whole project! I play through the file the audio will not play.  What is wrong? My music is only available to hear when I push "Numpad 0" key. Strange, I don't get it. How to fix it?

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          What is wrong?


          We can't know. you have not provided any proper system information, details about comp settings, audio preferences nor even told us what version of AE and a million other things. Nobody can help you with so little to work with.



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            TroubleMaker Level 1

            But I want to know how to listen sound in a normal way. How that could possible to only use "Numpad 0" key to hear a sound? Why can't we do that in easy way?

            This make some troubles. When I want to hear sound I have to press "Numpad 0" button and while that sound is not start playing from place where I have pointed cursor - it starts from the beggining (from place where we have that bigger "line" selected upstairs). And this make troubles because we have to set this and change this and set this again and change like we want. How we can normally push play button and hear a sound?




            Windows 8

            32 GB Ram

            Intel 3930k 6x core

            Adobe Premiere CC v13(...)

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              Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Preview audio using the . key on the num pad. Preview audio on a frame by frame basis by holding down the Ctrl/Cmnd key when scrubbing, Preview Audio and Video by doing a RAM preview (press the zero key on the num pad).


              AE BASICS Basic Workflow.... Really, you have to spend some time with the program's help files or go through a couple of tutorials to figure out how to use it. AE is like a 777, you wouldn't expect to climb in to the pilots seat and get the thing started without at least reading the checklist.


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                TroubleMaker Level 1

                Preview audo "on a frame" with use a key CTRL is useless. Even we can't hear a playing song. Only some "sound speed effects" while playing.


                Can you tell me what I can't just NORMALLY push PLAY button and hear a song?


                I try to do my animation. WIthout sound it's impossible. How whoever can do such thing like animation without a sound?! Who made software who works like this?

                I've got a voice of lector. So I have to know what spekaer/lector is saying and do animation towards this. For example: spikers says "now we have to push this button" and then I know to do an zoom in (animation) to dicrect button. How can I make an animation without sound?


                Why playing sound doesn't work the same like Adobe Premiere?

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                  Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  TroubleMaker wrote:


                  Can you tell me what I can't just NORMALLY push PLAY button and hear a song?


                  Why playing sound doesn't work the same like Adobe Premiere?

                  Because they are completely different kinds of programs made for completely different tasks. The NORMAL way to preview in AE is to press the Num 0 (or Num . if you just want to hear audio without waiting for a RAM preview). That is the normal way for AE.

                  Rick is right; you really, really need to go through some good, foundational resources so you know how to use After Effects. You will get more frustrated as you go along if you avoid basics like this.

                  I would highly recommend this resource: http://adobe.ly/AE_basics