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    Photoshop keeps crashing, particularly when I type.


      I am on Windows 7, and this is 64 bit Photoshop CS5 Extended. It doesn't last long, it doesn't always crash when I type (sometimes I haven't, sometimes it lets me), but mostly around typing. It only allows me to quit, not wait, and keeps giving me this error code:


      Problem signature:   Problem Event


      Application Name:Photoshop.exe 

      Application Version: 

      Application Timestamp:4d9d8f8e 

      Fault Module Name:StackHash_47c1 

      Fault Module Version:6.1.7601.18128 

      Fault Module Timestamp:5168f1f2  

      Exception Code:c0000374  

      Exception Offset:0000000000005b07 

      OS Version:6.1.7601. 

      Locale ID:1033  

      Additional Information 1:47c1  

      Additional Information 2:47c1d04ae94b789cab61809c9783d821  

      Additional Information 3:56e4  

      Additional Information 4:56e4295d379ea29d8cbaedca47c29837


      Also, I'm not sure if this is related, but the Photoshop Camera Raw 6.7 Update keeps failing as well. Please help...