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    DNG conversion crashes my system

    Chinablix7 Level 1

      This is my concern. Adobe is pushing DNG as the go to raw format. That would be great if it worked good, but it doesn't.

      First, when I convert from my Nikon NEF format (Nikon D7100) it chugs along just fine, then suddenly crashes either the program or my system after converting 50-100 or so images.

      I have tried everything from downloading your software again, to turning off everything other then what is needed to do the conversion.

      Of course I have the latest DNG utility/plug in/drivers from your website.

      Second, the DNG images open much slower then my NEF images. Plus when I view them in Windoze file system view and want to see the photos in extra large icons, it renders the images very slowly.

      My system is Windoze 8.1 updated always, Photoshop CC latest and greatest (I'm in the rental program), Bridge and Lightroom.

      I have tried to use bridge and lightroom to do the conversion, even a separate utility and the crashing still happens. All these are up to date.

      My system has an i7 Intel processor, 16 gb of Kingston ram, an ASUS P8Z77 MPRO mother board and a good stable power supply.

      No other software crashes my system like converting from NEF to DNG.

      What I do notice is my CPU fan goes into high RPM's and I am wondering if the CPU is overheating causing this.

      If that is the case, then it would seem to me the conversion software is taxing the system far more then it should since my system is no slouch and while it isn't the latest and greatest, I would consider it to be in the top 20%,

      it should be able to handle the conversion with no problem.

      Are you aware of problems with the DNG software and or file format?

      Is their any information I could forward to you to help solve the problem?

      Is anyone else having the same problems?

      Any advice would be appreciated.


      James (Jim) Mountford

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          JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I don't know why you are having problems with the DNG file format or the DNG converter. I'm only guessing here because I'm still using Windows 7. But he could very well be a problem with Windows 8. If you're having problems with DNG, and you are able to work with your original NEF files, why worry about DNG? In my opinion, it isn't worth it. I'm using older Nikon cameras (D40 & D90) and I never convert to DNG. I prefer working with the original NEF files, using the Lightroom catalog to store all my adjustments. That way I don't have to worry about external XMP files. In my case, converting to DNG is only saving between 15% and 20%. Some space savings isn't a big selling point for me. Just stick with your NEF files if you can't get DNG to work properly. You are going to lose anything by doing so, and you will have more options available to you (possibly) if you are using other third-party software.

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            Chinablix7 Level 1

            I agree with you, why worry.


            But the reason Adobe invented the DNG file format is for longevity so that in the future, that universal file format will always be there to open up images.

            I go back to the paper floppy days, no one has a drive that can open them up, or even the much smaller ones. Computers no longer come with floppy drives. Plus they are getting increasingly harder to find. So that NEF file format, one day you may have a lot of images that no software that is available can open up. Such as your grandchildren, or even your children decades from now. So everything is lost. Which has been an issue for decades since digital imaging has come out. Technology will grow, but will the file formats follow with it and will anyone really care enough to migrate those into new operating systems and programs? We simply do not know.  We can't assume it will, so we could lose a hundred years of digital images and end up with a lot of blank pages in our history books.


            Well the DNG file format is supposed to eliminate that. Adobe invented it for that reason and a few manufactures are using it, like Lieca and I believe a few others. Some have said they won't change, at least for now.


            At this point, why worry. NEF will be around for a while. But I would like to convert my images to DNG sometime in the future. That is one of the reasons I am here, trying to get to the bottom of my crashing problem.


            The one thing I have noticed, when I do convert my CPU fan goes into high gear. It seems my i7 Intel quad processor can't handle it and crashes, I think, due to over heating. But why? There is the $50,000 question.



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              JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              What are you using to convert your images to DNG, the standalone DNG converter or are you converting using Lightroom? Have you compared the two methods, and have you seen any difference between using the two?

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                Chinablix7 Level 1

                I have tried them all, from the stand alone converter to lightroom, all with the same results. My cpu fan going into high gear, then crashes after rendering 50-100 images. Since my 32gb card will hold over 500 raw files, that has become a real inconvenience. I could do 30 at a time, but that is not what the DNG converter is designed to do. I just want to start the conversion, go have a cup of coffee or read a chapter of a book, then come back and all are converted.


                All my softwares and windows 8.1 is up to date.

                I have tried moving the images onto my hard drive to see if it is my card reader and then convert, same result.

                I have shut off everything that doesn't have anything to do with the conversion process, same results.

                I believe I have covered all the bases.

                The conversion software is the only software I use that consistently crashes either the program or my system.


                I have written Adobe several times over the last month, I have yet to get an answer. Even posted my problem on their Facebook page. Which leads me to believe, they know a problem exists and haven't a clue how to fix it. Which could be the result of a combination of several factors that is causing this, my mother board, that particular processor, my memory (top of the line Kingston), Windoze 8.1, drivers, etc.



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                  brandtryan Level 1

                  I'm also having this problem. The CPU is maxed out and my fans go into turbo mode then the screen freezes.

                  I'm using windows 7 64 bit with 32GB of RAM and an AMD FX CPU (8350).

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                    ccastleb Adobe Employee

                    You might want to try the DNG Converter 8.7 RC. It includes performance improvements that could resolve some of the sluggishness you are experiencing.


                    Download Adobe Photoshop Camera Raw 8.7 Beta - Adobe Labs

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                      JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                      I still maintain the attitude that the only time converting to DNG is necessary is if you are using older software and the native raw file format is not supported. My experience in converting to DNG has proven to limit somewhat the software that I can use. The Nikon software won't open them. The DNG converter will always be there, and can be used if for some unforeseen reason Adobe or other software developers suddenly decide not to support all of these raw formats. If the NEF files work better on your system, I see no logic in trying to force DNG conversion and slowing down your workflow for fear of what "might" happen in the future.


                      But if you truly feel safer, and are compelled to convert to DNG, I think you are going to have to convert smaller groups of images. My thinking is that you are using very large files, and the computer (regardless of how powerful you might think it is) eventually can't continue processing. I use a modest HP i5 computer, 8 GB RAM. I have several external drives attached to it, but the computer itself is an off-the-shelf Machine. It is about 1.5 years old. Using DNG converter 8.4, I just now converted a folder of 389 NEF files (Nikon D90, 12 MP) in about 10 min. The computer didn't crash, the process completed as expected. I don't believe super processors and lots of extra RAM make a lot of difference.

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                        brandtryan Level 1

                        Will give it a try - thanks for head's up --

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                          brandtryan Level 1



                          I appreciate your position on the issue, but alas, I'm trying to solve a problem, not throw it away, so to speak.  My camera creates CR2 files, and yes, they work fine -- but I like the idea of the DNG format, and have chosen to try and support it.

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                            JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                            I didn't watch who I was answering. My remarks were not directed at you, but rather the OP who is using a Nikon D7100 which produces quite large NEF files that are crashing his system. If you like DNG, and it's working for you, then there's nothing wrong at all with converting. I was only suggesting that since the OP didn't have trouble with the NEF files then there isn't really a compelling reason to convert, in my opinion.

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                              brandtryan Level 1

                              I thought you might have been addressing someone else -- but had already "pulled the trigger" -- anyway, understood --

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                                Abambo Adobe Community Professional

                                Let me give you some general thought:

                                Adobe DNG Converter is quite a simple program doing some operation on one file and writing the result to a new one. Nothing to worry about. No use of strange hardware with unstable drivers. Such a program should not be able to crash your system. It may be that it will stress the memory subsystem and ask more and more memory. It may be that it stresses the I/O sub system with disk r/w-s. But it should not be able to crash your computer. Only if there is a weak point in your hardware like processor defect, wrong clock speed, over-clocking, bad memory board, bad cooling  etc., then your system will crash if used extensively.


                                For me, it's a hardware error!

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                                  CreativePlanForMe Level 1

                                  Wooo Hooo


                                  Try Adobe DNG v9 with a Fuji X-E2 .RAF convert to DNG ..... on a Win 8.1 64 pro PC it crashes the PC big time!     Also opting within LR6/CC "convert to DNG" crashes LR as soon as it encounters a .RAF


                                  Was this software not tested?

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                                    CreativePlanForMe Level 1

                                    I am using LR6/CC and Adobe DNG v9.0 and conversion to .dng also crashes my system.


                                    In my case the .nefs and .nrws converted OK but as soon as a .raf (fuji X) was encountered both Lightroom and (following Adobe DNG use) my PC.


                                    I am running Windows 8.1 64 bit pro fully patched.


                                    The folders containing converted (corrupted?) .raf dng files could not be accessed until the folders were converted to displaying as a list rather than thumbnails or icons.  This is an Explorer issue but this issue has prevailed through a number of version iterations of Adobe DNG.


                                    The answer .... dont bother with .dng if it is unstable?  What other corruptions are hidden to create issues later?  Use proprietary software to procees your raw file and save as lossless compressed tiff then further work on the tiff.

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                                      CreativePlanForMe Level 1



                                      While no one can (obviously) rule out hardware issues this argument makes no sense where the same hardware is used to encode video, render 3d scences and game?  Such practices far outweigh any 'strain' put on hardware compared to converting a single file (or multiple).


                                      I can see attempting to convert thousands of raws to dngs as an issue where the conversion program (Adobe DNG for example) has memory leaks and the host machine just plain runs out of memory.


                                      The fact remains that for multiple versions of Adobe DNG there have been issues and they are NOT BEING FIXED?

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                                        CreativePlanForMe Level 1



                                        I sympathise on your unreplied to Adobe contacts attempts.  I too have experienced the same.  I suspect they are too busy counting their Creative Cloud subscription cash ............................................  loadsa money!

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                                          I have the same problem can only convert 50 at a time, the more I convert the worse Lightroom gets, I have never had so may crashes with lightroom before, now if i touch the Import button it crashes "program stopped working going to close" message all the time I wish I could just get my NEF RAW's back. If lightrooms work flow was not so good I would bin Lightroom. Soon I will have to because I can't add anything to the catologue with out a crash

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                                            Abambo Adobe Community Professional

                                            With the OP the sytem crashes. Your problem sounds like a LR software problem! What version do you use? What OS and version? Did you upgrade reacently?

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                                              andremeintjesart Level 1

                                              I have optimized Lightroom a few times now its much better