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    CS6 Resize Conundrum

    MikeKPhoto Level 2

      CS6 Perpetual License (latest version + ACR 8.6), Windows 7 x64


      I have ACR 8.6 to bring my images into CS6 at 300 ppi. Worked on a bunch of images, saved as PSD files. Then used xnconvert to batch convert the files to JPEGS's Long size 950 pixels at 72ppi. Files converted just fine, but one problem. When opening  these files in CS6 and going to Image/Size CS6 is still showing these images as 300 ppi. But of you go to File/Info it clearly shows the resolution as 72 ppi as does Adobe Bridge.  File/Size shows the correct pixel size on the long edge as 950 pixels so why would it show the resolution as 300 ppi.  Checking with other programs they all confirm the images are truly 72ppi.


      Any ideas why Image/Size shows the incorrect ppi?