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    System or program crashes when converting from NEF to DNG


      Hello Adobe.

      First off, I love your software.

      Second, this is my concern. You guys are pushing DNG as the go to raw format. That would be great if it worked good, but it doesn't.

      First, when I convert from my Nikon NEF format (Nikon D7100) it chugs along just fine, then suddenly crashes either the program or my system after converting 50-100 or so images.

      I have tried everything from downloading your software again, to turning off everything other then what is needed to do the conversion.

      Of course I have the latest DNG utility/plug in/drivers from your website.

      Second, the DNG images open much slower then my NEF images. Plus when I view them in Windoze file system view and want to see the photos in extra large icons, it renders the images very slowly.

      My system is Windoze 8.1 updated always, Photoshop CC latest and greatest (I'm in the rental program), Bridge and Lightroom.

      I have tried to use bridge and lightroom to do the conversion, even a separate utility and the crashing still happens. All these are up to date.

      My system has an i7 Intel processor, 16 gb of Kingston ram, an ASUS P8Z77 MPRO mother board and a good stable power supply.

      No other software crashes my system like converting from NEF to DNG.

      What I do notice is my CPU fan goes into high RPM's and I am wondering if the CPU is overheating causing this.

      If that is the case, then it would seem to me the conversion software is taxing the system far more then it should since my system is no slouch and while it isn't the latest and greatest, I would consider it to be in the top 20%,

      it should be able to handle the conversion with no problem.

      Are you aware of problems with the DNG software and or file format?

      Is their any information I could forward to you to help solve the problem?