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    Are JavaScript and PHP free? (was: languages)


      How much does javascript php and query cost? is it free? where can i get it?

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          Ken Binney Level 6

          Unlike other languages that can be used in a web browser, JavaScript doesn't need to be downloaded and installed. Browsers that support JavaScript have it built into the browser, where it is turned on by default (meaning that typically, you'll need to change your browser settings only if you don't want the browser to run JavaScript). The only exception is that Internet Explorer also supports vbScript the same way, and the two languages are controlled via settings called "active scripting" rather than a setting that reference JavaScript specifically.


          What you will need to download with JavaScript, then, is not the scripting language itself, but rather those scripts that you want to run in your web page (assuming that you have decided not to learn JavaScript so you can write it all yourself).




          The JQuery library is free.


          PHP is also free. As a server side scripting language, it is most often installed by your hosting company.

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            Nancy OShea Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            jQuery is open source (free).  To use jQuery code, you simply need to reference the latest jQuery Core Library inside your document's <head> tags like this.


            <script src="http://code.jquery.com/jquery-latest.min.js"></script>

            If you're using a slideshow plugin, for example, you'll also need to reference the slideshow scripts inside your <head> tag.


            Some plugins are free to use, some developers ask for a nominal licensing fee.  This varies by plugin developer.  However, you can freely write your own jQuery code.

            Alt-Web Design & Publishing: Primer for Using jQuery Plug-Ins

            jQuery Learning Center




            Nancy O.

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