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    Many effects missing or not working

    Babada the explorer

      Hello everyone


      First of all, sorry if there are mistakes in my sentences, I'm french (but willing to learn english)!!

      I'm posting this because I would need some help on After Effects CC, and I would appreciate the help of your community


      For scholar reasons, I couldn't use this software during 10 months. Today I've been led to use it again, but... strangely, I got many problems with my plugins effects.


      For example, when I launch AE, this error window pops :



      Furthermore, when I'm compositing, it seems that several basic effects are missing. For example, I can't use the "Brightness & Contrast", because it's "missing".

      On the other hand, there are effects that are still here (for example, Color Balance is still working)...


      Do you know what I could do in order to "reinstall" all the basic effects that are missing ?


      Thank you very much for your attention.


      Best regards,