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    AE CS6 Imported video is missing pieces of audio


      I got a problem I'd love to get solved in Adobe After Effects CS6. Whenever I record

      some gameplay on PC using Fraps and I play back the footage, I can hear everything

      as it was when I was actually playing it. In other words, no problems. However, as soon

      as I import the said footage into After Effects CS6, some bits of audio are missing. I'll

      give some examples, in a scene of Dead Space 3, some character dialogue seems to

      have gone really quiet (while all other sounds and such within that moment are at normal

      volume), in Resident Evil 4, some effects like the magazine clicking while reloading and

      other miscellanious sound effects are completely absent. But most of the other sounds

      are present and are at the audible volume.


      Not sure what I'm doing wrong here... hopefully someone somewhere can help me.

      Any AE CS6 pros here?