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    Comman Panel Extensions Conflicting Each Other




      I'm working with Fireworks CS5 on PC. I've just bought a new pc and I'm trying to set up my extensions as on my old pc.


      However, when I install command panel extensions and I open up fireworks when I click to open the command panel extensions only one will work. Which ever extension I click, fireworks will pop only one command.


      For example, I click to open the lorem ipsum command panel extension, this works fine, then I go to open the "commands" command panel extension, and it just opens up the Lorem Ipsum extension again. I get the same with any other (apart from the default command panel extensions). If i only have one bespoke command panel extension installed, this will work - no problem. As soon as I install more than one, it seems fireworks picks one and will only let me use one - even though the all appear in the window>drop down list. I hope this makes sense


      So effectively I can only install 1 command panel extension.




      What I've tried:


      • Copying the entire command panel folder from my old computer over to my new computer - doesn't fix the problem.
      • Uninstalling all extensions and reinstalling - again doesn't fix the problem.
      • Manually installing all extensions by moving the relevant swf files into the relevant folders - doesn't fix the problem either.


      What I'm thinking of doing next:


      • Complete reinstall of my adobe software - therefore reinstalling the extension manager.
      • Then trying the above actions again


      Has anyone also had a similar problem with their command panel extensions? Or have any suggestions of how I might fix the problem?



      I'd really appreciate you're wisdom if you're able to offer me any guidance.




      Thanks and best regards,


      Tim Peck