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    Edge Animate to Muse... help


      I've been using Muse to create my website, and have attempted create one of my icons to rotate on scroll over. It has been done on this website blackmagicgfx.com as an example on the icons below the laptop I just don't know how to write CCS script.. any help would be much appreciated.

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          Vinod Menon@Adobe Adobe Employee

          Hi Jam88a,


          You can create a symbol in Edge Animate which internally has image which rotates. Then you can nest that symbol in another symbol which can have an action for mouse over which plays the nested symbol. This could be one approach. Once this is done you can publish this animation as an oam file and import into muse and use it in the content that you are designing. CSS tranforms required for the animation will be handled by Edge Animate and hence you do not require any knowledge on CSS.




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