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    missing folders

    robantony Level 1

      Hi there I recently wanted to get some files from Elements 12 into LR5 I think the terminology was do I want to sychonise files with lightroom after I had finished I noticed all of my Lightroom folders and some collections had gone and were replaced with the Elements folders I've no idea where they are please can you help

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          dj_paige Level 9

          Is it possible you accidentally opened a new catalog and imported photos into that new catalog?


          If you go into Lightroom and try File->Open Recent and open the catalogs listed there, do you find what you want?


          If not, then we need a lot more detail about what you did ... exactly what functions/commands you used (use the exact name of the function or command, in other words, there is no "get" function; and what software these were a part of, Lightroom or Elements or operating system), and what happened. Also please state the exact version of Lightroom and your operating system.

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            robantony Level 1

            Hi dj, Thanks for your prompt reply I still cant find my folders,I will try and explain what I did.I was working in Lightroom 5.6 and there were some files in PSE 12 that I needed to work on in LR and I didn't seem able to transfer them over,so in LR I clicked on File>upgrade PSE catalogue a box appeared asking "Would you like to upgrade PSE catalogue to use with LR" destination  [ C:\users\Robantlyn\pictures\lightroon\lightroom 5 catalogue 2-lrcat] I clicked Upgrade and waited until things were sorted.When I checked the folders and collections panel non of my LR folders were there! only the ones I had just upgraded from PSE and I cannot find them.When I did what you said all that came up were the ones I had just imported.The total number of photos shown at the top of the folders panel shows 1663 when before I had over 7000.I know probably at fault here as I am not an expert so I hope I have'nt lost everything. Thank you in advance

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              dj_paige Level 9

              File->Open Recent should work, one of the catalogs listed there should contain your previous work

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                robantony Level 1

                Hi dj Yes it worked !! a very BIG THANK YOU