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      desperation overides the perception that you probably think I am an idiot! Don't care! puleeeeeeeeeze help! everytime I try to install Flash Player into Opera. The process stops just short of 60% then I get the dreaded message 'please close opera to finish install!!!!!. WHY WON'T OPERA LET ME INSTALL FLASH PLAYER!


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          maria__ Adobe Employee

          Hi Jonathan,

          Flash Player requires apps that use it to be closed during installation, so that those apps don't have files that need to be removed locked, preventing them from being removed.


          Please ensure all browsers are closed before proceeding with installation.

          • If you're on OS X, use Activity Monitor (Applications > Utilities > Activity Monitor) select 'All Processes, Hierarchically' from the upper right menu, and ensure all browsers are closed.  If not, select the browser and click 'Quit Process' in the upper left.
          • If you're on Windows, select Task Manager (right click on the tool bar at the bottom of the screen, unless you have moved it's location, and select 'Start Task Manager'), click 'Show processes from all users' and look for all browsers, and any processes that begin with 'FlashUtil....exe'.  Terminate those processes.


          Installation should proceed fine once all apps/browsers that use Flash Player are terminated.




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            whittlebot Level 1

            thank you! thank you!