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    How do I change the speed of a video clip after making it a Smart Object?

    Tara T Level 1

      In order to apply the same Camera Raw filter to every segment of a clip I was going to split multiple times, I converted the whole clip to a Smart Object, applied my Camera Raw filter settings, and then split the clip and deleted some portions.  Now I want to make certain portions of those clips slow-motion, but even if I right-click on the right side of the layer and select "Clear Smart Filters", all I see when I right-click on the clip in the timeline are the motion options; I can no longer change the speed or the audio.  Is there a way to do this without having to make all the cuts in the beginning, changing the speed and the audio, and then having to go back and convert each individual segment into a smart object and then apply the same ACR filter to each one?