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    Missing Print Collection


      First noticed some folders were missing (How is a mystery). Solved this by right clicking their high level folder and resyncing from drop-down window. BUT having got the affected folders back I noticed they die not reflect the fact that several of the images they contained had been developed . These developed images had been printed and saved in a Print Collection using the "Create Saved Print" option in the print module. The Print Collection is missing from "Collection Set" . Can any one help me get this back?

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          dj_paige Level 10

          Synchronize Folders will not obtain the edits for photos that have been edited, under Lightroom's default operation. It would obtain the edits ONLY IF you had previously instructed Lightroom to write the edits to the files themselves (or sidecar files in the case of RAW photos)


          I will make several guesses as to the solution, starting with the one I think is most likely to succeed


          1. The edited photos are in the catalog, but in a folder different than what you expect. This can happen if you (accidentally) imported the photos and placed them in a folder other than the folder you were expecting. So, in your catalog, perform the following steps: in the Catalog Panel on the left, click on All Photographs, then turn off all filters (Ctrl-L once or twice), and then search for one of the photos by file name. If it is found, right-click on it and select Go To Folder in Library to see what folder it is in
          2. You accidentally opened a different catalog file. Use File->Open Recent to open other catalogs and see if what you are looking for is in there.
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            Photoian Level 1

            A big thanks.

            Yes  its your number 2. They were saved in my Backup Catalogue on my External Drive. So how do I save develop settings and subsequent prints saved in a collection set in my main default catalogue and back these up to my external drive.


            Thanks for your help

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              dj_paige Level 10

              Not sure why or how you would have opened and used a backup catalog. It would be wise for you to not do that.


              Your develop settings are always automatically saved in whatever catalog you are using. No specific action on your part is needed, and this auto-saving of develop settings cannot be turned off. To make a backup of the entire catalog file, under Catalog Settings in Lightroom choose whatever backup frequency is desired, and when you close Lightroom and the backup dialog box appears, be sure to instruct Lightroom to make a backup on the external HD. You would also need to make backups of your photographs, this has to be done outside of Lightroom by third-party software, preferably in a manner that is automated and occurs at regular intervals.

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                Photoian Level 1

                Thanks for all this.

                Leaving aside your last sentence I thought I was doing as you described. I.e Develope settings and print collections were automatically saved in the default catalogue and copied to my backup catalogue as I always Backed on closing  lightroom.

                Seems like I should now get another drive to backup up pictures file as well as the above