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    Issue adding music to slideshow


      I can't for the life of me figure this out.  I keep getting the message that the "selected file is not a valid music file"  This happens regardless of whether it is an MP3 or an M4A file.  I know there has been an issue with this and 32 bit OS, but I have a 64 bit OS.  This is a track that plays fine everywhere else, that I purchase the license to specifically to use in slideshows.  Anyone have any idea why this isn't working??


      Please help!

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          99jon Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          If the track is being selected from, or used in iTunes try deleting artwork images. To remove the embedded album artwork from the file in iTunes:


          1. In iTunes, select the song from which you want to remove the artwork, and choose File > Get Info.
          2. Click the Artwork tab, and then click once on the current artwork to select it.
          3. Click Delete to remove the artwork.
          4. Now try to import the MP3/M4A track to the slideshow.
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            Did you ever figure this out? I had same problem with 32 bit Windows 10 OS. Imports fine in Photoshop Elements. I couldn't get an answer before my trial expired.