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    Photoshop CC 2014 Screws Up Image Size


      Every time I open a document in Photoshop CC 2014, the size of the canvas is basically half its real image size.  I took a video of my screen so that you can understand what is happening to me and hopefully figure out what I'm doing wrong.


      • I make an image that is 800x300 pixels at 72 ppi
      • The image opens up looking half the size (about 400x150 pixels).
      • I make a text box with a font at 12 pt, and it comes out tiny.
      • I enlarge the font, type "Testing 1 2 3," and then export the image as a PNG file.
      • The PNG file comes out as 800x300 pixels, but the text is pixelated.


      What in the world am I doing wrong?  Never, in all my years of using Photoshop, had I encountered such a problem before now.


      Notice at the bottom of the screen that the canvas is at 100% the entire time.


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          JJMack Most Valuable Participant

          You post so little useful information. You video show you using a mac the the video setting look like 1080 yet the video does no fill my 1920 width but does fill the 1080 height.  Your Mac launch icon look huge so you your 800x300 canvas looks small on you desktop so I'm guessing retina display with lots of pixels 4:3 aspect ratio.  The ping posted here look bad because of the way this site scale images. if you open it in a new tab it looks great even when I click on it thus site html pop-up  image display of the png looks good.  I see no pixelation and the edges look sharp ans smooth.