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    Photoshop CC 2014 skew layer action issue



      I have a set of actions from previous version of PSD (CS6 > CC) which includes skewing a layer and placing it in an exact position. Worked like a charm.

      Now, I have upgraded to CC 2014 and these actions are useless...

      E.g. - what one action did in previous versions of PSD:

      two documents open in PSD:

      1) take open document > flatten > image size to width 1000px keep ascpect ratio > select all > Ctrl+C

      2) select previous documet > paste > move > free transform including skew


      Result in previous versions of PSD was exactly the same. In PSD CC 2014 the skew is different (incorrect) and the placement of the transformed layer is wrong.


      Tried to create the same action in the new PSD CC 2014 and the result was the same. Even more - the new transformed layer is placed as if chaotically depending on the zoom of the document it transformed in.


      Any suggestions, please? I am quite desperate - I need to process large numbers of files this way...






      Correct result from previous versions of PSD:



      Error result in PSD CC 2014:


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          JJMack Most Valuable Participant

          If your are replacing the wall image with image files that are the same size an resolution.   Have you tried placing the image in the PSD file as a smart object layer,  Then record the action to use replace smart object layer content.  Rather then pasting in a new image layer and transforming the new layer.   Since the problem you seem to have is the transform step is not working correctly.  Recording transform steps can also be tricky.  You need to have set Photoshop's ruler units so the step is recorded the way it need to be. Transforms can be recorded using absolut pixel values, relitive to document size in percentages and in relative units like inches which depends on the document DPI resolutio. If it is a CC 2014 bug you should report using this link Photoshop Family Customer Community

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            Blboun Level 1

            Thanks, JJ,

            although I still think this is PSD bug, THANKS VERY MUCH for pointing me into a good direction - your suggestion works just fine and I am saved!

            Thanks again,