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    ID issues



      I use Adobe Digital Editions 2.0 on my PC/Windows XP. I have an Adobe ID, changed the password last night as advised on the forum.

      No problems to get my yesterday bought book on my E-reader.

      Want to install it on my new tablet, but that doesn't work.

      Tablet is Windows 8.1. I downloaded ADE 2.0 and Adobe Reader XI.

      Get the 'E_LIC_ALREADY_FULFILLED_BY_ANOTHER_USER' message when I try to download the book again from the seller. I did install it on the PC, so that is correct.


      How can I make a copy on my tablet??


      Actually I do not understand what is stated in the Q&A. Do I have to contact the bookprovider? Or is there something else that I have to do??