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    HTML panels: return focus, events, collapse panel questions

    Sergey Kritskiy Level 1

      Hey everyone, I'm still struggling with a number of things with HTML panels, I wonder if someone overcame those and have answers.


      1) Is there a way to return keyboard focus from HTML panel back to Photoshop? I've seen several panels do so but I was unable to contact the author of those.

      2) I was doing simple event dispatching/catching: I was catching an event 'set ' (to get PS color change event) and everything works fine at the beginning but after 20-30 minutes events take 2-3 seconds to register and the delay keeps growing. Is there some kind of event buffer I need to flush or something?

      3) Is there a way to collapse panel without closing it? So it'd instantly open as Flash panels did.


      Many thanks,