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    Sound in Quicktime

      I have a quicktime movie that I am jumping around using sprite(x).movieTime = (x)

      I have buttons that jump to different parts of the Quicktime file and play a section of it then stops it (sprite(x).movieRate = 0 )

      Everything is working fine, the only problem I have is that occassionally, without apparent reason, the sound doesn't play but the video does (sometimes it just stops mid-play and sometimes just doesn't play at all). Is there some lingo that I can use to make sure this doesn't happen? Is this a common problem that people have come across?

      Thank you in advance for any advice.

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          I've never seen, or heard, this before. It could be a codec, data rate,
          or memory problem. Some codecs work better than others when working with
          files that will be played as segments. I've always had flawless playback
          similar to what you are doing by using Sorenson 2 and either of the
          Qualcomm audio compressors.

          It may be that your video compressor is set to too high a data rate and
          that the video is forcing the audio out at points in the playback. A
          lower data rate may solve the problem. You may also be using all of the
          available memory. Have you tried looking at the memory inspector while
          running in authoring, if you're on Windows?

          Rob Dillon
          Adobe Community Expert

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            PhatMax Level 1
            Thanks for the advice. I'm using the H264 codec to encode the Quicktime movies. I have found this fix which has worked for me:

            On the PC sound will at times cut out on playback prematurely. One solution is to add 2-3 seconds of silence at the end but this is sometimes not feasible. The problem stems from the way the windows sound devices see the end of a sound file in Director. TO get around this make sure QuickTime is installed on the end user's machine and then set the soundDevice to QT3Mix...

            on startMovie
            the soundDevice = "QT3Mix"