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    XML Node Manpulation

      Ok, Im just losing my mind, I cant seem to find a good example of what I want to achieve. Not that what I want to achieve could be available, but I dont want to find another way, LOL. Im Trying to do the following. I call an HTTP service and return parent branches to a XML var called catNodes. This works beautifully, however, I need to add children to these Branches when I expand them. I call an itemOpen function and get the children from another HTTPService by refrencing the .@data in catNodes.

      Heres my problem. When I return these items in XML I need to update the catNodes XML and place the new children inside of its parent node.

      <node label="Kitchen" data="1" isBranch="true">
      <node label="Sink" data="5" isBranch="false">

      So In Short, I need to find a way to insert Sink under Kitchen within my XML without having to completley rebulid the XML from my HTTPService. In short Im trying to create a "Lazy Tree". Can I manipulate the XML to do This? I cant Find examples of appending Items, but not adding them to an existing node. Sorry if my terminology is off beat Im still a newb =D.

      Thanks For any Feedback you can offer.