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    Batch resize videofiles in AE


      Several times a week I want to use AE for resizing videofiles. As it is very time consuming doing this one by one, I want to do this in a batch.

      I know this is very easy by using a custom output module, but for this situation this doesn't working.


      I have videofiles with several sizes, like 1024x48 and 1536x48. I wan't to scale them to 56 or 96 pix height for example, but keep the aspect of the original file!

      So for those 2 examples, the sizes should change to 1195x56 and 1792x56. And yes, I know the quality is not ideal with upscaling...but will also use it for downscaling....


      I think the only way will be to find someone who can create a script for this. I did some experimenting with existing scripts, but couldn't find any which can do this. Writing my own script is a bit to complex.


      Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I would use Adobe Media Encoder for this. Define a custom preset and then just drop all your rendered videos that need to be resized into a watch follder or the cue and push go. There is no need to involve After Effects at all.

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            maantje76 Level 1

            Thanks for your response Rick. Media Encoder would be nice to use for sure, but the same problem exists in there. The mediafiles have a different width, but the same height. To scale them, the width has to change the same percentage as the height. Just like the examples in my first post. You can't set a scale percentage in the Media Encoder presets as far as I know. Just like an output module in AE, you can only scale to the given size in pixels. As the source files have a different width, this won't work.