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    Maximize compatibiliy issue/ Importing into LR

    kevin4545 Level 1

      New problem, never had it before.


      I opened 20 DNG files in PS, did some work and saved as PSD.

      I tried to import them into LR, but it says I need to go back to PS, and save them with maximize compatibility on.


      In fact, maximize compatibility was off. (why, no idea)


      So I turned it on, quit/ relaunched PS (CS5), Then opened all 20, re-saved them all, but the problem remains,  LR (newest version), is still  giving me the same message.


      For new images now, via, DNG,which I made a  PSD, they are fine, but I did a lot of work with those 20, are the toast? thanks.  The open, re-save, and close does not seem to be helping.