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    Lightroom 5.6 Export RAW to Resized JPEG Producing Poor Quality Images


      I have the latest Lightroom 5.6 and am running into a problem that I never had EVER and I've been using the same workflow since LR1. I shoot in RAW and want to send my client JPEG proofs (resized to 1000px, 100% quality, and 96dpi, sRGB). I use the export feature and have tried everything, even saving the resized image at 300dpi but the export results are still absolutely horrible. The photo is muddled and blurry no matter what I try. This is obviously not a color space issue, or monitor/browser issue and as I said before, I've done resizing through LR plenty of times without this much compression loss. Anyone else running into this? What's the solution?


      I took the same RAW file and exported to JPEG with resizing checked off and the image looked sharp as a tack like my RAW file in LR.


      So, there is obviously something wrong with LR RAW to JPEG export when resizing. Which has NEVER been an issue before.


      Adobe, seriously, get your S%&T together!