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    images saving on Desktop only otherwise unreadable by lightroom


      Hi there


      I went to upload my images into Lightroom and found they all stored on my desktop . If I move them into the file where all my other images are they are no longer readable/ no longer recoverable in Lightroom. I have never had this problem before having used Lightroom for 3 years.

      The one thing I thought it could have something to do with is they have dropped into Lightroom as for example......untitled - 74.dng

      I can see that my other images that have correctly saved in Lightroom room save as for example.......IMG_3217.dng

      The last number for my uploads that did work correcly was IMG_8960.dng. I thought if it was close to 10000 then it may have clocked and gone back to zero but this doesn't seem to be the case.


      If you can help me that would be great.


      Many thanks