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    Tibetan Language publishing problem

    Feng Sien



      I meet a problem.


      I'm in China. We created some E-learning modules using PowerPoint, initially in simplified Chinese language. We published them either locally (to the local computer) or to the Connect Pro server, the final published document displayed without problems.


      Now, the original PPT module files had been translated to Tibetan language (see the 1st picture in the below).


      I try to publish those Tibetan modules to my own computer recently. However, after the publishing process, the index.htm (the window that should display) did not show the contents as I expected. I just see the Adobe Presenter icon on that page, seems it is trying to display, but in the initial loading process endlessly (see the 2nd picture in the below).


      I tried several modules, only the first one of them works but others go to the problem I mentioned above.


      I used Presenter 8 to publish the PPT files.


      I Emailed a previous colleague of me, who is a very clever Yankee. He replied the font (Tibetan) may not be supported by presenter. But I'm bewildered - why I published the 1st Tibetan language module, and successfully see the results? Did I just accidentally succeed?


      Here is the last message he sent to me:


      Yes, the font might only present a problem for certain characters, I think presenter 7 would probably be worse in this regard (but who knows?), I don't have PowerPoint or presenter on my computer and so can't actively diagnose, sorry =(  I'm sure you can get a handle on it though - try looking at your browser's JavaScript console when it tries to load, it might give you some hints!


      By default, when I chose "view output after publishing", Internet Explorer would be used as the showing screen. And I may not have the intention to change into another browser. He mentions the JavaScript setting of the browser, I'm still not sure what he pointed to.


      Can anyone tell me how to display published Tibetan PowerPoints? Or, Tibetan language is not supported by Presenter indeed?


      Thank you



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          Feng Sien Level 1

          I rechecked this afternoon, on another computer with the Chrome set as the default browser, after the publishing process, the popped-up index.html page shown in Chrome still shows the initial loading process endlessly (like the 2nd picture in the above).


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            flyingj481 Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

            Double check that all the files that are supposed to be in the folder are there. If there was an error during publishing you may have gotten the index.swf file an not much else.


            Do you get any Flash security warnings? You may need to give Flash permission to play locally from that folder.


            Have you tried publishing it as a zip and then uploading the zip to a Connect server? Will it play back then?


            Tibetan is no a supported language, so you may end up not seeing much support directly from Adobe about this.


            Presenter supports:







            Portuguese (Brazil)



            Chinese (simplified)



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              Feng Sien Level 1

              I can't understand why I successfully published the 1st module, but others failed?


              If Tibetan is not supported by Adobe Presenter, why the 1st publication is OK?


              See the attached picture. This is a screenshot of the 1st one. You could notice the slides are in the process of playing, with the Tibetan language voices being played also.


              I didn't get any Flash security warnings.


              I tried publishing it as a zip onto my own computer, and extract the zip file locally. But the same problem exists.


              From my personal point of view, it may not be the reason of the Tibetan language. Since we had installed the Tibetan language fonts on our computer, those Tibetan characters can be shown inside the PowerPoint without problem. I guess, just guess, that some configurations of either Adobe Presenter or the Web browser may need to be changed to make the Tibetan language publication works. That Yankee I mentioned above mentions JavaScript, maybe something related with JavaScript need to be changed. But I don't know. Who knows?



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                flyingj481 Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

                There may be something else that is causing the problem. I'd tend to say it isn't the Tibetan font. I doubt it is also the JavaScript, but probably something on the first slide causing the issue. Often times this can be an image that just needs to be reinserted, possibly converted to jpeg before reinserting.


                Without having access to the source presentation, it's hard to give anything more specific about what may be causing this. I would try publishing portions of the presenation (first 5 slides, second 5 slides, etc.) untill you identify where in the presentation there is the problem. If you publish the first 5 slides and it doesn't work, try publishing each slide individually. Eventually you will find the offending slide and can make changes or re-create the slide to resolve the problem.

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                  Feng Sien Level 1

                  I tried to delete some slides and publish the PPT, I find the cause is focused on some slides from 11-14. (I've tried to delete some slides from the beginning, the publishing results were all fail)


                  In the process of deleting some slides from the PPT, voice files may be deleted automatically by the Presenter itself, but I don't think it was the voice file that created this problem.


                  Delete and publish            Publishing results

                  s11                                        Fail

                  s11, s12                                 Fail

                  s11, s12, s13                          Fail

                  s11, s12, s13, s14                 Success

                  s14                                        Fail

                  S13, s14                                Fail

                  s12, s13, s14                         Fail

                  s11, s13, s14                        Success

                  s11, s13                                Fail

                  s11, s14                                Fail


                  There are 15 slides of this module in total. I have included the pictures of s11, s13, s14 here.


                  Would you like to diagnose this issue, if I send this module presentation to you via Email? Could you leave an Email address or message your Email address to me?


                  And, after I identified those slides that may causing this problem, I found them (s11, s13, s14  see the list above) maybe not necessary for local publication, since we do not intend to publish those modules to a Connect server and collect answering statistics. So the option for us is to delete those three slides and do the local publication.


                  But if you have interest, I would send you the presentation file, and you can take a look.
















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                    flyingj481 Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

                    I can find some time to look at it. If you send it to jorma[at]realeyesconnect.com, I'll look it over and see if I can get you any answers. If you can put it together using the Package function in Presenter, that will ensure I get all the appropriate files.

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                      Feng Sien Level 1

                      I've sent you Email.

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                        Feng Sien Level 1

                        This problem was solved with the assistance of Jorma.


                        There are extra quizzes in the Quiz Manager. The extra quizzes without questions should be deleted. Tibetan characters is not the cause. Tibetan characters can be displayed either before or after the publication.

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                          flyingj481 Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

                          Glad it was something easily fixed. Thanks for sharing the answer.