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    Adobe QT32 Server not responding

    tordenver Level 1

      My system:


      Mac OS 10.9.4 (Mavericks)

      Adobe CC 2014 (After Effects v13.0.2.3)


      Since I have installed Adobe CC and CC 2014, I had some irregular crashes using AE and PrP. These programs would stop responding as well. I noticed that in Activity Monitor Adobe QT32 Server was not responding. Following Todd Kopriva recommendation I checked all my Quicktime components one by one until Adobe QT32 Server was responding correctly ( troubleshooting QuickTime errors with After Effects CS5, CS5.5, CS6, and CC | After Effects region of interest ).


      I found two sets of Quicktime components that would make Adobe QT32 Server not responding:

      One from Blackmagic

      . Blackmagic Codec.component that was installed with Blackmagic Design Desktop Video v10.1.4


      the others from AVID, version 2.3.7 (this is the latest version I could find, it looks like there were released in 2007!!)

      . AvidAV1xCodec.component









      Now that I have removed these Quicktime components from my /Library/Quicktime folder, it seems like I don't have any problem with Adobe QT32 Server. I still have to test AE in the long run and see if it runs better.


      Right now I don't need to render or read to/from AVID DNxHD codecs, but what to do when I will have a client who will need it??


      When should we expect Adobe to no rely anymore on Quicktime old API??