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    cc desktop app crashs after language switch, cant be removed, cant be installed again

    joerg_s Level 1

      2nd big trouble after beeing in the c.cloud for some weeks now.. I haven't seen the Adobe.forums in all the years as a customer so often before as I did in the last weeks..


      What did happen? I have swichted the language in the cc desktop app from German to English, because I need to download Photoshop in english.

      During the download the app crashed. Now it is crashing immediately after launch. I can not uninstall it, the uninstaller crashs, I can not download/install a new version, this is crashing too.

      System: OSX 10.9.4


      This hint here:

      CC Applications crash immediately after launch

      ..must be a bad joke, how should you access the settings if it crashs immediately..?

      I have also tried these hints (exept no4), last time it helped, this time no success:


      Comment to No4): removing all Adobe software, using the cleaning tool and start again is no option at all, this is too time consuming and cant be the solution just to get this little app running again. This is Windows95ish.. format your harddrive and start again.. ...come on Adobe you could do better...