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    how to prevent flash intro to be played each time

      Ive bought recently a flash header for my website. Its mailny purpose is to look good and provide me a menu. So basicly the header is flash, the rest of the site is html.
      Now, my problem is that id like to like the intro of flash to be played only once, when user is visiting my site for the first time, not every time he presses a menu button causing the flash to be reloaded. I couldn't achive it with action script so i made 2 versions of flash. One original with intro, second with only last frames. The first one is being played on main site, the second in all other cases. Its a caveman aproach, i know. And still im being hit by the intro every time i go back to main site.
      Is there any way to achive my goal in one flash with action script?
      Could you please help me?