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    LR 5.6 book module losing text pages

    bakubo Level 1

      I am using LR 5.6 on Win8-64.  For some time I have been trying to create a photo book, but encountering various problems.  Is the book module mostly broken or is it just my book module that has so many problems?


      Anyway, my current problem is that I spent lots of time adding several text pages with text to the book I am working on.  I switched back to Library mode and later came back to the book module.  All was okay.  I tried changing the size of the book and, again, all was okay.  Then I did a Clear Layout and Auto Layout and the text pages all disappeared!  The photo pages were still there though.  Are my text pages still somewhere in LR or are they gone forever?  Why are my photos still there, but the text pages are gone?


      Thank you for any help.

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          bakubo Level 1

          I am wondering if I am posting in the wrong place about LR book module problems?  Is there a better forum for my questions?  Thanks.

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            bakubo Level 1

            No one has replied yet so I posted on photo.net also.  Still no replies there either.  I did some searching with Google trying to find an answer and in the process I discovered a Lightroom blog by Julieanne Kost, an Adobe employee.  I sent her an email, but just got an automatic reply saying she didn't have time to answer questions and suggested I post in this very forum because it is "frequented by members of the product development team as well as other passionate users willing to share their expertise and experience."

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              I have the same problem too. it just keeps happening. I add text and Lightroom 5.6 loses all my text changes!


              It's an absolute waste of time, effort and inspiration - and (according to Google) it's been an on-going problem ever since the Book module first appeared. Unbelievable that Adobe haven't fixed it. Just the fact that Lightroom doesn't have the security of a normal save dialog means users have to just trust that Lightroom will protect all their hard work - and it won't. I warn you. Do NOT trust Lightroom. Use a less dumbed-down program instead where you can at least save your changes.


              I'm ditching Lightroom and am going to create my books in InDesign. Surely, that program works...