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    Export to pdf in 2 page increments, auto named

    040767 Level 1

      Hey all,


      I am searching for a solution to export large documents to separate pdf-files each containing two continuous pages of the document.


      I very frequently get InDesign-files with business cards and I need to export the front and back together into one pdf-file.


      I don't want to export to pdf XX times. It would be nice to automate this task. The file naming is not important – some sequence numbers would do.


      Can someone give me hints how to accomplish this using InDesign CC2014?


      (I was able to accomplish something similar with an action in acrobat after exporting all pages: by extracting the first two pages then deleting the first two pages, extracting the first two again, and so on. But it would be perfect to reach the goal in one step in InDesign.)