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    Are there spaces induced in XML created using Flex?

    poortip87 Level 1

      Hi All,


      I am developing an extension for ID CS above using Flash Builder 4.6, Extension Builder 2.1.

      My extension requires some sample output in the form of xml files. These xml files are then parsed by some software at the client's end.

      The xml is created using the XML class of Flex.

      The problem is that there are some spaces induced in the xml when a child is added to a node. For eg,


                Os enis eium es
                <Child1 some_attributes>q</fo:inline>
                <Child1 some_attributes>u</fo:inline>
                <Child1 some_attributes>a</fo:inline>
                <Child1 some_attributes>s</fo:inline>
                evelit lab ipicto et volut
                <Child1 some_attributes>user/firstname</fo:inline>
              <Child>As dis</Child>


      When I examine the above xml, I see that there are some spaces before "Os enis eium es". I was taking them for the indentation that xml uses to distinguish between parent and child. Is this xml okay?

      The expected output at the client's end is coming all wrong, it contains spaces and I suspect whether the xml might have some problem.


      Please guide.