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    Presenter : issue with loading of video in the export




      I need some help (again)


      I have some trouble with my export on swf. I choose to put a video on my presentation, but when I run the swf file, there are a bug about the slide with video. The image of video is blocked for a few second and then start suddently (whereas I choose on my option a "melted effect" speed to open the video and the start of the video, 2 seconds after the start of the slide. ). When I came back to the video throught the menu, the all run without problem.



      Is it just a problem of loading about my computer and will the bug stay after I put it on a server ?

      (Pardon my english, I'm not a native speaker)




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          flyingj481 Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

          Is your video early in your presentation? If you have the video on slide 4-6 there may not be enough time for the video to preload properly, so you a buffer. or pause, or strange playback behavior as a result.


          Playing locally could be the issue. However, playing locally should eliminate any bandwidth issues, so it shouldn't be a load time issue. If you have a server to place it on, I'd to that and see if the playback is any better.