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    Problems with character + paragraph styles!

    Sara Houmann Mortensen



      I have a problem in inDesign wich I normally don't have.

      (i'm working on a macbook pro)


      I'm layouting a text in a template document. I have both character styles and paragraphstyles.

      This is how I work:


      I place my text i the textbox. (placing it from a word document) First I search for all italic words in the placed text and give these a character style: italic. Next I want to give the whole text a paragraphstyle. This is a "regular" version of the same type font. When I do this, the whole text get this pink-ish marking wich meens the text hasn't been changed totaly to the style AND a little plus(+) accurs next to the paragraph style. Normally I just press alternative(alt) as I click the paragraph style and thereby overrules the problem. BUT when I do this now the whole text turns to italic - witch is not in the chosen paragraph style. Why?


      I'm really lost to how I can fix this problem - I dont want to create a whole new document since this is a template that I use every month for a magazine and normally it works.


      Could it be codes in the word document? Or what?


      Thank you!