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    Image Gallery/Portfolio

      Hey there.. Can anyone tell me how to edit the attached actionscript to do the following:

      1) Use the 'url' field from the xml file so that when a link exists, when the user clicks on the image it takes them to that link.

      2) Remove the functionality that enables the user to click the image and it takes them to the actual image and replace it with what is described above.

      This is what the xml file looks like but I would also like to add url inside of each image tag...
      <parameters bigframeheight = "450" bigframewidth = "600" noofcolumn="12" noofrow="2" thumbxs="20" thumbys="0" thumbwidth="50" thumbheight="50" albumnamesxs="630" albumnamesys="70" albumnamescolor="0x3BA645"/>
      <album albumname="Ads">
      <image imagename="Bergerfc.jpg" infotext="Berger Full Colour Ad"/>
      <image imagename="BoltOnCW.jpg" infotext="Cable and Wireless Bolt On Campaign Ad"/>
      <image imagename="Corbinbw.jpg" infotext="Corbin Communications Corporate Ad - b/w"/>
      <image imagename="NPfc.jpg" infotext="NP Full Colour Congratulations Ad"/>
      <image imagename="NPmxred.jpg" infotext="NP Labour Day Ad"/>
      <album albumname="Packaging">
      <image imagename="PresentationCover.jpg" infotext="Media Presentation Package" />
      <image imagename="Reward-packaging.jpg" infotext="ABIL Reward bar; honey/strawberry" />
      <image imagename="Unleashing.jpg" infotext="Jeunes Agape: Unleashing the Tempo CD" />
      <image imagename="TotalPraiseCD.jpg" infotext="Jeunes Agape; 'Total Praise' CD" />
      <image imagename="ChosenCDDesign.jpg" infotext="Holy by Nature; 'Chosen' CD" />
      <image imagename="Minis3.jpg" infotext="Minis3; 'Before The Beginning' CD" />
      <album albumname="Identity">
      <image imagename="2igfinallogo.jpg" infotext="2ig Productions; Music/Video Production" />
      <image imagename="greenink.jpg" infotext="greenInk" />
      <image imagename="92fmlogo.jpg" infotext="Sidewalk Radio 92.1fm" />
      <image imagename="Sportt.jpg" infotext="Sport Company of Trinidad and Tobago" />
      <image imagename="triniciador.jpg" infotext="Triniciador Productions" />
      <image imagename="callcard.jpg" infotext="Kerron Ovid Call Card" />
      <image imagename="callcard2.jpg" infotext="Jason Jarvis Call Card" />
      <image imagename="maki.jpg" infotext="Tshirt Brand" />
      <album albumname="Teeshirts">
      <image imagename="Grapevine.jpg" infotext="The Limitless Edition Tshirt Design" />
      <image imagename="leafytwilight.jpg" infotext="Maki Tshirt Design" />
      <image imagename="pinky.jpg" infotext="Maki Tshirt Design; Pinky" />
      <image imagename="uwiseman.jpg" infotext="UWI Student Endeavours Tshirt Design" />
      <album albumname="Web">
      <image imagename="eteckinsidepages.jpg" infotext="eTeck; Company Profile; Profile Pages" />
      <image imagename="eteckprofilepage.jpg" infotext="eTeck; Company Profile; Title Pages" />
      <image imagename="musikshed.jpg" infotext="www.musikshed.com" />
      <album albumname="Flyers">
      <image imagename="NewSeasonflyer.jpg" infotext="Streaming Praise Radio presents 'It's a New Season' - flyer" />
      <image imagename="InHisPresence.jpg" infotext="Triniciador Productions presents 'In His Presence' - flyer" />
      <image imagename="Shiloh-flyer.jpg" infotext="Shiloh Assembly presents 'Breakthrough' - flyer" />
      <image imagename="RTAflyer.jpg" infotext="Real Time Assembly presents 'Renewal through Action' - flyer" />

      Please help me...