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    When I apply footage I have recorded on my computer and I put it in the editor the footage is glitched and jumpy and unusable, and when I edit it and render it and watch it back it's still the same. But the actual footage itself is fine, it only occurs wh

    green dude

      I do Youtube and I record gameplay videos with the screen capture software Playclaw the video files themselves are AVI and the sound files are WAV. I have used Playclaw for a year or so now and I have edited the footage in Adobe Premiere Elements 10, but around 2 weeks ago I put some footage into the editor to edit into a video as per usual and the footage is glitched, jumpy, and unusable. So naturally I went and watched the raw footage outside the editor and it was fine, perfectly fine footage, but the second it goes into the editor it plays back as this horrible mess. Now I thought, this could just be a playback issue, so I went and edited the footage anyways and rendered it, when I watched the finished product the issues remained and again, it was so bad it was unusable. I had a look around online for a potential solution but didn't find any answers and in the end I thought I might as well leave it because I recently purchased Adobe Premiere Elements 12, so I assumed that the problem wouldn't exist on the newer version, also because I used Adobe Premiere Elements 10 for so long with no problems.

      So I installed Adobe Premiere Elements 12 and recorded another video, just to be sure I updated Playclaw, filmed and then went to go edit the footage, which again was and still is fine, but again the moment I put it into the editor the same thing occurred, glitched, jumpy unusable and I went through the exact same process again and my search for answers and a solution have led me here. I desperately need this problem solved and I would really appreciate any help