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    PS CC won't save my unit preferences

    iconoclastix Level 1

      Hi, I recently upgraded from Master Collection CS6 to Creative Cloud 2014 and I'm having problems in that my Photoshop CC client won't seem to save my Units & Rules settings in the Preferences section. I've set my Rulers to Pixels and my Type to Points...basically, I want pixels to be the default dimension size unit when doing ANYTHING within Photoshop as I NEVER have to use cm/inches/picas/anything else. However, even though I've saved these settings in my Preferences window, every time I go to open a new image, or if I go to change the image size of an existing image, the default size ALWAYS shows up in cm instead of pixels. I am Canadian so I'm using the English (UK) keyboard layout which I've heard can have an impact on Photoshop auto-selecting your units - for example, I read an article where someone using the English (US) keyboard layout was forced to use inches instead. Any help would be greatly appreciated, I just want it to always show pixels as the unit dimension by default instead of cm or inches, I don't know why it's not saving or taking effect (yes, I've restarted the application numerous times as well). Thanks for any help!

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          Loledatu Level 1

          I realize this has probably died, but I am having this exact same issue. I just did a fresh windows install. I had no problems before the new install.


          -First installed photoshop, around May 2015

          -Finally figured out how to change default unit to pixels instead of inches

          -Very relieved, inches as a default unit is horribly inconvenient

          -Everything is fine

          -Fresh windows install, late October

          -Reinstall photoshop 10/31/2015

          -change default units in preferences

          -no change, all units still default to inches.


          Please, please help me.