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    Complicated file renaming in Bridge...need help


      I am editing and exporting thousands of files in Photoshop at various sizes. Photoshop export adds sequential numbers to the file name which I now need to remove. I'm trying to use the Batch rename in Bridge but have not yet been able to configure the result I want. I need to maintain the first and last portion of the file name which varies from file to file. Example:






      I only need to remove the "_0000_" sequential portion in the middle. The last portion of the file name is a code which changes from file to file so I don't think renaming will work.


      Can I do this is Bridge? I called support and they said it was not possible to remove a portion of the name, however I could rename the file using Tools > Photoshop > Batch. I run into the same problem where I don't see how to remove the sequential portion and keep my unique codes at the end.


      Also, what is the difference between that and Tools > Batch rename?


      Thanks if anyone can help or suggest another tool to accomplish this.