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    InDesign CS6 stops working when adjusting text box size -


      Hello all! The issue started when I reopened a manual that I was working on. I received some edits from the customer and needed to update the content. I added pictures, edited content, and saved. Throughout this process, the program closed a couple times and I thought nothing of it. Simply reopened and the recovered data allowed me to continue working. Today, I opened the document and continued working only to encounter a continuous issue. I edited a photo in Illustrator and added it to the manual, adjusted the layout on the page to allow the picture to fit properly, and tried to adjust the text box to fit the page. (See screenshot below). When adjusting the text box, InDesign "stops working;" this occurs when opening InDesign normally and as an administrator. Without fail, everytime I adjust this box it shuts down.



      Whenever I attempt to move the text box above the cyan SmartGuide I receive the error. Any help would be greatly appreciated as I cannot continue with this project until resolved. I am using Windows 7 and have been utilizing this particular installment of InDesign for about 2 months with no issues...


      Thanks again!